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Chocolate Kush, bred by 00 Seeds, is a powerful indica strain that captures the best of its two parent strains. Mazar, with its resin-oozing buds, lends its potent full-body euphoria while its other pure indica parent passes on a pungent aroma of hashy incense and chocolate. This strain grows into medium-sized plants with a Christmas tree structure and flowers in 56 to 60 days. The sativa-dominant Chocolope Kush sometimes goes by the name Chocolate Kush, so be sure to confirm this strain’s genetics with your budtender if you’re looking for the heavy-handed indica.

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Buy Chocolate Kush ONLINE

Chocolate Kush, oftentimes referred to as “Chocolope Kush”, is a popular hybrid with indica- dominant properties. It is sometimes confused with “Chocolope”, as well, which is a strong sativa. Chocolate Kush was originally bred by 00 Seeds, a seed company located in Spain. When it sprouts, its buds are swimming in thick, luscious resin. Its parent strain, Mazar I Sharif, is largely responsible for the strain’s appearance, flavor, and smell. While it grows medium in height and in tiers much like a pine tree, it takes up to sixty days to flower and usually does well if it is harvested in October. It has a strong smell and a chocolatey flavor, as the name suggests. The most notable psychoactive effect that Chocolate Kush has on the user is an extremely intense body buzz. If you experience any kind of anxiety, Chocolate Kush will very likely help you relax. Be cautionary when you use it though! It will put you to sleep, probably faster than you would expect. However, if you react well with indicas and are able to stay awake, you may actually feel even more focused than usual. It tends to have different effects on different people. The only known negative effect of Chocolate Kush is dry mouth, but that is easy to combat with a refreshing glass of water. There is no known severe side effects, making it perfect for those that struggle with anxiety when they use marijuana.

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