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Day Dreamers Chocolates are the premier Cannabis Chocolate Bar in California. Our quality assurance is second to none and every batch is tested to assure. Dreamcatcher 360mg THC High CBD 90mg CBD / 90mg offer medicinal values.

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Buy Day Dreamers Chocolate ONLINE

“I don’t dream at night; I dream all day. I dream for a living.” —Steven Spielberg

The makers of Day Dreamers Chocolates probably can relate to Steven Spielberg’s words. With multiple Cannabis Cup awards and an expanding product line, their dreams certainly seem to have come true.

The company was created in 2011 in Santa Cruz, California, during a time when the edibles sector resembled the Wild West. Noticing a critical market need, Day Dreamers’ founders set out to create a company that focused on compliance, safety, and consistent dosing. “Day Dreamers was formed at a time when there was no specific way to dose edibles properly,” said Nadia, manager of sales and marketing. “We package our chocolates in pharmaceutical-grade, foil-backed blisters to ensure each square is always a uniform dose, regardless of environment or handling issues.”

companies in the cannabis industry now take dosage and labeling seriously. Day Dreamers was determined from the beginning to set a standard that would cement them in a leading role. “The opportunity to work in a pioneering industry arises, perhaps, only once in a lifetime.”

Day Dreamers focuses on providing quality products. As pioneers in the edible’s field, owners and management believe they have a responsibility to set an example for other companies, especially in regulatory compliance. Nadia explained, “Our vision is for Day Dreamers to become a household brand in the long run. For us, compliance and transparency are twin pillars in achieving such.”

The mindset extends to product labeling. “We do not lie about the milligram content of our products,: said Nadia. Day Dreamers tests all products and keeps detailed lab reports to back up their claims. Through regular testing and a scientific approach, Day Dreamers the company is able to offer top products that provide reliable experiences, according to Nadia.


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