G13, also known as “G-13” or “Government Indica Strain 1,” is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain with unknown parentage. This bud is rumored to have been created by the US Government during the 60’s and 70’s when they were experimenting with growing native Afghani weed strains for “medical” purposes. Despite its confusing origins, G13 is definitely one bud that you should try at least once in your life, especially given its powerful effects and insanely potent 24% average THC level.

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The G13 high starts with a euphoric lift that hits you hard with a sense of energy and a slight increase in motivation that doesn’t stay around for very long. As your mind soars through happiness, your body will fall victim to a heavy buzzy effect that will lull you down into a deep sense of laziness and relaxation that lasts for hours and hours on end. These effects give G13 an advantage in treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. G13 has a sweet earthy flavor with a skunky smooth exhale that’s surprisingly pleasant. The aroma is powerfully pungent with a rotting skunky berry overtone that can quickly become harsh. G13 buds have lumpy super dense dark olive green spade-shaped nugs


Buy G13 Marijuana Online- Order G13 Marijuana Online  . G 13 is one of the most renowned and most talked about hybrid

marijuana strain due to the mystery behind its origin. It is basically an Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain that has some

70% of Indica lineage. There is a rumor that the U.S Government had started a secret project on marijuana during the 1960s’

and 1970s and for this reason, this strain is also known as Government Indica Strain #1.

Though it has so many stories, the exact genetics of this strain is yet unknown. But the cannabis experts claim that this G 13

strain has been derived from the cross of an unknown strain with an Afghani strain. It has some dense light-green colored buds

with the orange colored hairs all over the buds. This strain is available in earthy, pine, spicy, and sweet aroma. It contains

around 22-24% of THC composition on an average along with some 1% of CBD and CBN composition and that can easily let you

have a quality body high with a mellow head rush.  This strain is also much capable to lead you towards a euphoric and relaxing

state of mind. This strain is much preferred by the artists as it offers you a concentrated and creative mindset that helps them to

dip into the world of creativity. This strain can also be quite effective to heal various medical problems like anxiety, chronic

pain, depression, insomnia, and a mild or moderate case of stress.Buy G13 Marijuana Online- Order G13 Marijuana Online




Being an Indica leaning hybrid marijuana strain, G 13 is highly sedative in nature and that’s why; most of the experienced

cannabis consumers prefer to have this strain in the night-time. It offers you a good tranquilization and can easily provide you

with a sleepy ambiance and let you have a quality sleep. This strain also allows you to have a supreme body buzz and can lead

you towards a relaxed and euphoric state of mind. Due to the high THC potent, we recommend the novice stoners to handle this

strain with proper care. Buy G13 Marijuana Online- Order G13 Marijuana Online




Just like any other hybrid marijuana strain, this one also offers you a wide variety of medicinal properties and is quite popular among the medical marijuana patients.

  • If you are suffering from some sort of sleepless nights, this strain can let you have a great relief from insomnia.
  • People, who are suffering from chronic pain and anxiety, can find this strain quite effective.
  • It can also heal a mild or moderate case of stress and depression.

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