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Mango Kush cannabis strain is a 65/35 Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. This kush has very dense, light green, almost yellow flowers with numerous orange hairs and trichomes. Mango Kush marijuana is true to her name, she deliciously smells like freshly squeezed mango juice with hints of banana. This marijuana strain is good for beginners and users with low tolerance, as she has moderate THC levels of up to 16%. Mango Kush strain is best for evening and nighttime use due to sedative properties.

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Buy Mango Kush ONLINE

About Mango Kush

Mango Kush is an Indica-predominant strain. Its solid flavors and fragrances are reminiscent of the tropical organic product for which it is named, yet it additionally conveys a trace of banana.

Mango Kush has a THC check of up to 16% and midpoints around 10-12%. For most clients, this strain kicks in promptly, delivering both a solid body stone and elation. Numerous additionally find that this strain makes them more open and loquacious. Infrequently, it can cause ‘the chuckles,’ particularly with higher dosages or first-time utilize.

More about Mango Kush

Mango Kush’s belongings commonly keep going for one to two hours. It is a great ‘munchies’ strain, and numerous patients utilize it to quiet queasiness and initiate craving. This strain additionally causes languor, generally beginning part of the way through the length of its belongings. Negative impacts may incorporate the typical cotton mouth, dry eyes, suspicion, wooziness, and tension.

It isn’t suggested for daytime utilize yet can work ponders on ceaseless a throbbing painfulness, particularly joint torment. Mango Kusheases sleep deprivation and may likewise ease cerebral pain and headache. Patients likewise utilize it to lessen irritation and treat pressure and tension.

Mango Kush’s correct history is for the most part obscure, however it likely originates from a cross between Mango, by KC Brains, and the celebrated around the world Hindu Kush. Never becoming taller than five feet, this strain develops well both inside and out. It completes the process of blooming in nine to eleven weeks and frequently conveys a high return of more than 400 grams for every square meter.

Similarly as with numerous other cerebral highs, Mango Kush is regularly picked by patients looking for help from pressure, nervousness and sorrow related disarranges. Indeed, even so the strain’s substantial impacts are sufficiently solid that they may make gentle to direct interminable a throbbing painfulness more sensible. At long last the great munchies impact is helpful to those hoping to expand their hunger and beat different dietary issues.

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