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Margarine = This is a product similar to Budder, but using butane to extract the THC from the bud instead of isopropyl. Very potent. Soft, chalky texture when at room temperature. The same methods apply for consuming this product as for Budder.

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Buy Margarine ONLINE

In sandwiches, on toast, in those homemade chocolate chip cookies… You just have to have some kind of butter, margarine or other spread for a great tasting end result. This section will have everything you need, add some in to your online shopping today.

We stock premium brands of butter such as Whitestone and Lewis Road Creamery for those of you after fine foods (which are great for special brunches or baking). But we always have affordable options and specials which make it easy to stock up the fridge or freezer. You’ll find salted and unsalted products too, which can create interesting variations in flavour.

Find readymade garlic spreads here as well (garlic butter or garlic margarine is available), and non-dairy alternatives too, such as olive oil and rice bran spreads, which are great choices for people with different dietary needs and preferences.

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