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Pure Purple Afghan / Crystal Ice Wax: This Afghani is a mostly Indica inbred to produce thick and heavy buds. This variety has dark green leaves and calyxes that turn purple at flowering. Medium-high leaf to flower ratio with a subtle aroma and a very good high.order Pure Purple Afghan/ Crystal Ice Wax online.

Cannabis wax refers to the softer, opaque oils that have lost their transparency after extraction. Unlike those of transparent oils, the molecules of cannabis wax crystallize as a result of agitation. Light can’t travel through irregular molecular densities, and that refraction leaves

Just as transparent oils span the spectrum between shatter and sap, wax can also take on different consistencies based on heat, moisture, and the texture of the oil before.

it is purge (the process in which residual solvents are removed from the product). Runny oils with more moisture tend to form gooey waxes often called “budder,”.

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